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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The bands I keep getting mixed up with

This band is Snsd...Girls Generation Enjoy :)

Yup...and I keep getting Snsd mixed up with AKB48 Idk how but I just do. I guess it's because they have a lot of people in it. (But AKB48 surprisingly has 48 people in their group...) Anyways here is AKB48.

Others are c-ute. They're a big band that I get confused with this other one called berryz. Anyways here is c-ute.

That's enough pictures of c-ute. I don't even know that last picture of c-ute is c-ute. Now on to Berryz.

 And so...those are the bands I get mixed up with. Other bands that I get mixed up with is Perfume, Buono, and No3b. I seriously cannot tell them apart. Well first off, Perfume.

Okay...next is Buono! I guess I can tell the different between Perfume and buono. Buono seems to be a much more cuter style than perfume.

And that is all I'm showing of buono. Next is No3b. I get Buono and No3b mixed up a lot.

 Well...I had fun comparing, but still I'll never get over the fact I can't tell all these girls apart. X3

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